Get actionable real-time analytics when your prospects interact with your documents, Score your opportunities, automate dynamic quotes increasing prospect engagement, and much more...

Meet your crystal ball
booster removes the blind spot around your closing phase and lets you see what happens once a document is sent.

spoiler: you will fall in love 😍

Get new actionable
insights to convert
simpler and faster.

Get NEW real-time insights regarding prospects' behavior when they read and interact with your documents.

Empower your sales and growth teams to let them focus on what matters, improve their follow-up process, accelerate opportunities and close simpler and faster.

PS: Never use PDF attachment again

How it’s works?

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Securely share your PDF documents and get real-time engagement monitoring.

booster offers a new UX PDF reader. You can add your brand guidelines, videos, WhatsApp integration, personalized forms, and much more.

Start with only 15 minutes
of onboarding. Easy three steps to start to monitor and get actionable data to close simpler and faster.

Upload your PDF
Create and share
the link
Start to monitor
and get real-time

Jump to the next level
with smart and dynamic documents

Impress your prospect from the first touchpoint. Boost your content with your personality and be remembered

Profit the immediacy & momentum:Empower your prospects to interact with your documents to get feedback, schedule meetings, and let them accept or pay directly for your product or services...

These smart and dynamic documents can be automated and integrated with your CRM without having to change your workflow.

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Note1: this sample was configured in less than 20 minutes!

Note2: You can add your favorite tools in just few clicks as Calendly, VideoAsk, Typeform, etc.

Goodbye attachments, hello links

Add personalized forms and / or Call to actions

100% configurable with your branding. Personalize contactability by WhatsApp or email.

Update document even after hitting send. Everyone automatically has the latest version.

Use booster interactive document’s editor tool and content library to create astounding templates

Every month we are sharing new templates ready to use

You need only select a section template and focus on what’s important: content that will close opportunities.

Dazzling templates for quotes! If you have a specific design, we will create it for free.

Add and manage the expiration date

Up Selling / cross-Selling
Add optional products or services

Let your prospects to you directly from the interactive document

Add videos or any digital asset.

Let your prospects acept and intercat directly with you.

Iterate quickly and optimize the conversion with a configurable bot.

And of course: get NEW real-time insights regarding prospects behaviour when they read and interact with your documents.

Generally our clients integrate booster with their CRM. You dont’t need to change yourk workflow

AND, if it´s not enough, you can add whatever you want with our code section!

what our clients say

“With the capability to track our proposals, we can now understand what content our leads are reading and be more relevant & effective in our communication. booster gives us critical insight into our sales process without having to change our workflow.”

Jorge Uribe
Account Manager at Britech latam

Meet your crystal ball

booster removes the blind spot around your closing phase and lets you see what happens once a document is sent.

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  • Securely share your PDF documents and get real-time engagement monitoring.

  • White label PDF reader with customizable CTA and forms.


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  • All for you plan features

  • Smart and personalized dynamic documents to automate quotes and brochures than convert.


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  • unlimited features

  • form builder that gets 4x more responses in your dynamic docs.

  • Gateway integration to let your prospects pay you directly from your dynamic quote